Appalachian Storage Hub November 5th, 2020 Conference IV
Appalachian Storage Hub                                                      November 5th, 2020Conference IV 

Benedum Study

The Benedum study, or more formally the “A Geological Study to determine the potential to create an Appalachian Storage Hub for Natural Gas Liquids” is investigation of subsurface NGL storage potential in the Basin. The Study was funded by Antero, American Electric Power, BlueRacer, Charleston Area Alliance, Chevron, Dominion, EQT, FirstEnergy, Noble Energy, Mountaineer, Southwestern Energy, West Virginia Natural Gas Association and XTO Energy with a matching grant from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation. West Virginia University is leading the study.


The Study classified the subsurface storage options in the Basin. Options will be ranked in terms of attractiveness based on criteria including geological attractiveness, storage potential, vertical and horizontal sealing and proximity to existing NGL production & distribution facilities. The Basin, much like the US Gulf Coast, has significant underground storage potential in salt domes and beds, and limestone as well as sandstone formations.  Depleted natural gas fields will also be evaluated. LINK for the study and LINK for the project data website.


This Study is an important first step in the creation of a robust Appalachian Storage Hub. It will allow focused development of the most attractive formations and allow for accurate estimating of capacities and investment.



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