Appalachian Storage Hub Conference June 5-6th, 2019
 Appalachian Storage Hub Conference                                       June 5-6th, 2019 

Chasing Opportunity - Appalachia Storage and Trading Hub

June 1, 2018 West Virginia Executive Magazine - LINK


Re-Energizing the Region - Appalachia Storage and Trading Hub 

June 1, 2018 West Virginia Executive Magazine - LINK


Building the Future: Appalachia Storage and Trading Hub (Special Section)

May 24, 2018 West Virginia Gazette Mail - LINK


Conference on Oil, Gas Development to be Held in Pennsylvania

May 24, 2018 Parkersburg News and Sentinel - LINK


Shale Directories to Present Appalachian Storage Hub Conference

May 2, 2018 Oil and Gas 360 - LINK


NGL Storage Hub Stops Appalachia 'Crime'

April 22, 2018 Kallanish Energy - LINK


Appalachia Markets Itself as Global Energy Hub

April 19, 2018 US News and World Report - LINK


Major Manufacturing Infrastructure Project in Appalachia Just Cleared First Critical Hurdle

January 5, 2018 Shop Floor - LINK


Appalachian NGL Storage Hub Group Invited to Apply for DOE Loan Guarantee

January 5, 2018 Observer Reporter - LINK


It's Time We Stop Missing the Point About the Mariner East Pipes

January 4, 2018 Marcellus Drilling News - LINK


Appalachian NGL Storage Hub Gets Serious with DOE Loan Guarantee

January 4, 2018 Marcellus Drilling News - LINK


Governor Justice Says Expansion of Petrochemical Industry in West Virginia Continues to Move Forward with DOE Announcement

January 3, 2018 Governor's Office - LINK


ADG Invited to Submit Part II Application for $1.9 Billion in Loan Guarantee

January 3, 2018 PR Newswire - LINK


Plan for Natural Gas Liquids Storage Hub in Appalachia Clears First Hurdle

January 1, 2018 Press Herald - LINK


Appalachian Storage Hub Study Act of 2017

Sponsored by Senators Capito, Manchin and Portman LINK


Q & A: What is a Gas Trading Hub and How is One Established?

December 29, 2017 Reuters - LINK


US Congress has been active in the Appalachian Storage Hub, due not only to the strategic security issues but also as an economic growth driver.

November 11, 2017  - LINK


West Virginia, China Energy Sign $83.7 Billion MOU in Shale Gas Development, Chemical Manufacturing

November 9, 2017 Register Herald - LINK


Gas storage hub concept could further region's manufacturing base.

June 17, 2017 Observer Reporter LINK


Trade Group Pitches Appalachian Region As New Petrochemicals Hub

5/31/2017 ChemInfo - LINK


Joint ethane storage hub makes sense for W.Va., Ohio

5/26/2017 The Exponent Telegram - LINK


Appalachian Basin needs more ethane storage, could fuel multiple crackers

5/25/017 Kallanish Energy - LINK


WVU Researcher Says Marcellus/Utica Needs an Ethane Storage Hub

5/24/2017 Marcellus Drilling News - LINK


Storage hub carries big concept, price, but enormous economic potential

5/20/2017 Observer Reporter - LINK


Study: Appalachia New Gulf Coast for Petchem, WITH Storage Hub

5/19/2017 Marcellus Drilling News - LINK


New Report Shows Potential For Major Appalachian Petrochemical Industry

5/18/2017 PR Newswire - LINK


Manchin, Capito and McKinley encourage natural gas storage study

5/17/2017 Metro News - LINK


WV/OH Senators Intro Bill to Study Appalachian Ethane Storage Hub

5/12/2017 Marcellus Drilling News - LINK


Appalachian Ethane Storage Hub Study Act of 2017 sponsored by 3 US Senators

5/7/2017 – LINK.


M-U’s Next Mega Project: $10B Appalachian Storage Hub

4/18/2017 Marcellus Drilling News - LINK


Team Pennsylvania HIS Markit report on abundant Appalachian shale gas driving downstream investment opportunities into petrochemicals and plastics

3/24/2017 –LINK


Appalachian storage hub: Big plan, big price tag

2/23/2017 Kallanish Energy - LINK


US Plastics Industry Seeing Growth in Emoyment Plant Expansions

1/17/2017 Plastics News - LINK


How Shale Gas Extraction is Feuling a Manufacturing Renaissance

1/01/17 Chief Executive - LINK


New Adminstration capable of several game changing initiatives for WV

1/11/2016 TriState UpdateLINK


10 Billion Dollar Gas Storage Hub Shall Make Appalachia the New Shale–Hotspot in the US

9/9/2016 Process Worldwide - LINK


Northeast NGL Supply/Demand at 'Crossroads'

9/8/2016 Downstream TodayLINK


The $10 Billion Petchem Growth Engine for Appalachia

9/6/2016 RigzoneLINK


Appalachian Storage Hub - Realizing Our Potential

6/2/2016 West Virginia Executive - LINK


WVU researcher pushes for ethane storage hub in Appalachia

5/21/2016 West Virgina Press - LINK


Appalachian storage hub critical to realizing potential

2/18/2016 TriState UpdateLINK


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